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Brillenetuis online kaufen: Die 5 Besten Onlineshops

Best Online Shops for Eyeglass Cases: Our Top 5 Recommendations

Finally, the long-awaited new glasses have arrived and are proudly presented to family and friends. To perfect the image change, all that's missing is a new stylish glasses case. But where can you buy the best glasses cases online? Of course, there are hundreds of different glasses case shops on the internet, from small, local vendors to large retailers like Otto. We have searched for the 5 best online shops for glasses cases.

The 5 Best Online Shops for Glasses Cases

Amazon: The Largest Selection

As so often, Amazon offers an impressive selection of various glasses cases. Glasses cases on Amazon can be searched in the categories of hard-shell, semi-hard, and soft glasses cases. Price ranges and ratings can also be narrowed down. Another advantage of glasses cases on Amazon: cases are often offered in advantageous two-packs at reasonable prices. Other advantages:

  • Fast delivery and easy returns
  • Shipping is often free for Amazon Prime members
  • Hundreds of reviews available for many eyeglass cases

Fielmann: Directly from the optician

As one of the largest opticians in Germany, Fielmann offers both simple, affordable eyeglass cases and more elaborate models. Prices start at an unbeatably low 3 euros for simple models and go up to more expensive cases for over 40 euros. With over twenty different eyeglass case models, the selection is slightly smaller than on some other platforms. However, Fielmann offers the advantage of service from a single source - from glasses to eyeglass cases, in the online shop or in the store near you.

Suppeal: Designer Eyeglass Cases

Those who are looking for special eyeglass cases with fresh designs will find what they are looking for at Suppeal. With a wide selection of hardshell eyeglass cases, foldable cases, as well as half-hard and soft cases, Suppeal offers the right case for every taste. All cases are available in different designs and fit many different eyeglass sizes, from small reading glasses to large sunglasses. Additional advantages of Suppeal eyeglass cases:
  • Free shipping within Germany
  • High-quality manufacturing: 100% stable and made of synthetic leather
  • Nice gift box, also great as a present
  • All cases come with a cleaning cloth

Brillenetuis24: The Specialist

Brillenetuis24 not only offers an impressively large selection of cases, but is also well sorted: categories such as semi-hard cases, leather cases, and an extra category for children's cases make it very easy to find the right case. Free, fast shipping is available from 40 euros, and various payment options are available. No wonder Brillenetui24 already has over 300,000 satisfied customers.

Kaufland: The Affordable Alternative

Kaufland is a real surprise candidate on the list of the best online shops for eyeglass cases. With over 300 models offered, Kaufland offers one of the largest selection of cases. Everything is included, from inexpensive standard models to extravagant, higher-priced models. Shipping is often free and takes only a few days.

Conclusion: The Right Case for Every Pair of Glasses

Of course, there is no single online shop for eyeglass cases that is suitable for everyone. Every pair of glasses is different, and every eyeglass wearer has their own taste. Therefore, it is good to know that the Top 5 eyeglass case online shops offer a wide range of cases, from inexpensive models on Amazon to stylish designer cases at Suppeal.

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