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Spectacle cases

Suppeal offers a wide selection of designer eyeglass cases. Find the perfect case for your glasses and choose from many different designs.

Our Eyeglass Cases for Your Style

Are you looking for a practical eyeglass case to store your glasses optimally? Then you will certainly find what you are looking for with us. We offer numerous eyeglass cases with folding function, which can be conveniently stored and take up little space. This way, the glasses become an ordinary companion in everyday life, even without active use, without causing any inconvenience.

The Benefits of a Modern Glasses Case

A foldable leather glasses case is much more than just a way to store your glasses. It is incredibly handy, compact, and space-saving, making it possible to easily fit your glasses into many pants and jacket pockets. Thanks to its highly flexible size, virtually every pair of glasses fits in the case, which expands the convenience of storage even further.
Both large sunglasses and compact reading glasses are sure to find their place and can be protected without pressure and stress on the lenses. This means that you don't have to worry about the value and structure of your glasses at every stage, but can benefit from a compact and smooth use. But it's not just the space-saving and compact effect that makes glasses cases an excellent choice for your glasses.

Design and Variety for Your Glasses

One particularly noteworthy aspect is the creative designs and patterns. This means that you will always recognize your eyeglass case and can choose a design that suits your wishes and preferences. This makes the eyeglass case not only functional, but also visually appealing, making it an excellent accessory that enhances your daily comfort.

In this regard, we offer you numerous collections with which you can choose the most beautiful and modern designs. Our Groove collection is based on five cases with a curved pattern, each available in a range of different colors. So you can decide for yourself in which environment your glasses will be best protected from external influences and which shape best suits your needs. Another collection from our shop is the Beats collection. This is based on eyeglass cases with colorful triangular elements, making your new eyeglass case a modern and perfectly fitting choice. The impressive look of our cases makes it a good idea to choose a comfortable and visually appealing eyeglass case to enhance your experience.

Material Comfort for your Case

For a special and perfectly fitting solution, we offer you a comfortable case made of synthetic leather. This makes our foldable eyeglass cases a very high-quality choice, withstanding even larger weights and pressures. So your glasses are optimally protected in every situation, without any difficulties within the storage. In addition to being made of synthetic leather, our eyeglass cases offer many other advantages:
  • Optically diverse design
  • Ideal for all types of glasses
  • Suitable for almost every size
  • Foldable and handy shape
  • Usable in every conceivable situation
  • Space-saving and secure storage

The many advantages make our foldable eyeglass cases for sunglasses, reading glasses, and all other types of eyewear a practical and well-thought-out choice. When it comes to buying an eyeglass case, the foldable function is a special highlight that ensures you are on the safe side in every respect. Take a look at our shop and be fascinated by the modern collections.

What are the important factors to consider when buying an eyeglass case?

If you're looking to purchase a new leather glasses case, you should pay attention to its color. Thanks to the use of synthetic leather, the case will generally be a compact and durable companion that adapts to your wishes and expectations as best as possible. So you have the choice of where you want to store your glasses in the near future and which patterns or shapes you like the most.
The more you like the structure of the case, the easier it is to use it properly and precisely. With our ever-expanding selection of collections and offerings, we expand our range based on the wishes of our customers, which is why we are happy to present our foldable glasses cases to you. This puts it in your hands to effectively and compactly protect your glasses.

Choose your foldable glasses cases

Never before has it been so easy to protect your glasses and have them ready in any environment. However, the glasses case for sunglasses, progressive lenses, and many other types takes a completely new approach, making glasses a handy companion. Even if a certain degree of caution can never be completely replaced, with the appropriate case, you always have the suitable solutions for safe and precise storage. You're welcome to convince yourself of our numerous glasses cases and choose the most beautiful pattern.
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