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Hardshell Spectacle Cases

Bored with ordinary eyeglass cases? It's time to say hello to Suppeal's newly designed hard-shell eyeglass cases!

Do you want to upgrade your eyeglass cases?

Are you scrolling through a long list and getting bored with similar products with boring designs? Are you disappointed when you finally find your ideal eyeglass case, but find that it is way too expensive? If the above sounds perfect for you, then you're in the right place because at Suppeal, you'll find eyeglass cases that are:
  • Practical - to provide adequate protection for your glasses
  • Ideal for any type of glasses
  • Extremely good-looking - so you can stand out from the crowd and show your personality
  • Reasonably priced - to give you the best experience within your budget
This fall, Suppeal is introducing an exciting new collection - the hard-shell eyeglass cases, which offer consumers more options to upgrade their eyeglass cases.

What can you find in Suppeal's hard-shell eyeglass case collection?

The new hard-shell eyeglass case collection offers 6 unconventional and beautiful designs for both women and men who are looking to upgrade their eyeglass cases. The modern designs have turned our hard-shell eyeglass cases into your new fashion accessory, allowing you to show off your unique personality. Additionally, hard-shell eyeglass cases are particularly practical, as the sturdy metal case acts as a shield against external damage to your glasses. Below are detailed descriptions of the key benefits of our new hard-shell eyeglass cases.

The Most Beautiful Hard Shell Eyeglass Case

We simply love the unconventional and bold designs that are offered. Our designs incorporate elements that young people love: bold and eye-catching colors with playful patterns. Depending on your personality, taste, or even your mood, you can easily find the design that represents you the most. You can be as romantic and elegant as a rose garden, as mysterious as a fairy tale, or as quirky and wild as a safari... people can see YOU in the hard shell eyeglass case that you CHOOSE!

The new hard shell eyeglass cases also come in a great size of 16 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm / 6.3 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches (L/W/H). They are large enough to hold reading glasses or sunglasses in small, medium, and large sizes, but small enough to fit comfortably in your pockets, backpacks, or even smaller purses. The hard shell eyeglass cases are also extremely lightweight, making them easy to hold in your hands and not add extra weight to your pockets.

Through the reinterpretation of how hard shell eyeglass cases can look, Suppeal wants to make eyeglass cases the next fashion accessory that goes beyond daily use. It is no longer just a practical item that is hidden in your backpack or forgotten on your desk. But instead, it can be a true "eye-catcher" that sets you apart from the crowd and astonishes people with your unique personality.

100% Protection Supported by High-Quality Materials

Secondly, it is important to highlight that our hard-shell glasses cases are not just about their "pretty faces", but they do what a good hard-shell glasses case should do - PROTECT YOUR GLASSES!

The high-quality metal tin of our hard-shell glasses cases serves as a shield against external threats and damage to your glasses. You can simply place your reading glasses, sunglasses, or other small accessories inside and they will be safely protected when you simply close the metal tin. Especially thanks to the adequate space inside the metal tin, your glasses are held stably and well protected from damage caused by sudden impacts or turbulence. Finally, the lightweight yet sturdy box is a good protection of the case itself against external pressure, giving you a longer product life cycle.

To your surprise, there is even a FREE cleaning cloth included in each of the hard-shell glasses cases. Whenever there are residues, dirt, or fingerprints on your reading glasses or sunglasses, simply take out our cloth and renew the lenses. Keeping your glasses protected and clean is what Suppeal hard-shell glasses cases are for.

Having trouble finding the perfect gift? Try out the Suppeal hard-shell glasses cases!

Have we mentioned that Suppeal's hard-shell eyeglass cases are stunning all-in-one sets? Well, it's not too late to know it now!

So yes, when you order one of our eyeglass cases, it comes with a beautiful and shimmering outer box, inside of which you'll find an eyeglass case and a cleaning cloth for just under 20 euros. This beautiful set is naturally a great choice as a small gift that saves you a lot of time, money, and energy that you would spend finding the other components such as cleaning cloths.

Thanks to our wide variety of designs, our hard-shell eyeglass case is a perfect gift for men, women, and even children. You can simply choose a design that best suits the personality of the recipient, and they will receive this refined and thoughtful eyeglass case set from you in just a few days!

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift, don't forget to add Suppeal's hard-shell eyeglass case to your gift list. It comes with an exquisite all-in-one set that helps you impress your friends, family, or loved ones with our beautifully designed hard-shell eyeglass cases that protect their glasses brilliantly.
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