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fashion water bottle holder designer suppeal

Are you ready to get thirsty with the Newest Designer Water Bottle Holders?

Modern dwellers are paying more attention to healthy lifestyle and hydration is definitely one of the most important components. But it is not until recently that fashion designers have turned water bottles from regular sports bottles to something that’s street-ready and fashion-ready. The repurpose of water bottles and water bottle holders from utility to accessory gives more reason for people to be “get thirsty”.


Top-Designer-Wasserflaschenhalter auf dem Markt 

Luxury brands have been particularly active in reshaping water bottles and water bottle holders into must-have accessories. We see brands such as Burberry, Fendi and Dior have all launched their own designs where they inject different colors, textiles and other fashion elements into water bottle holders. 


Newest Stylish Water Bottle Holders within Budget

If you have already a water bottle and seek an upgrade that’s more affordable, here’s the pick.
SUPPEAL lightweight water bottle holder takes the form of a crossbody bag. The main holder is made of PU leather with eye-catching vibrant designs and connected by a long reflective nylon strap as well as a short nylon wristlet strap. Depending on your outfit and style, you can freely choose how you would like to hold the water bottle, crossbody or hold in hands, it’s your call to make.

suppeal water bottle holder bag 

This stylish water bottle holder or crossbody bag is made to fit 500ml volume water bottles, or water bottles with a diameter of 7.5cm or less.

suppeal water bottle holder bag 

You can hit the streets with this stylish water bottle holder from Suppeal in many occasions, here are some of the most important ones:

Daily outing:This is the most obvious use for a lightweight water bottle holder. Whether you are going out for errands or spending time with friends, you can stay hydrated whenever you feel like with the chic water bottle holder from Suppeal.

suppeal water bottle holder bag for men and women

City adventure: When you feel like exploring the city, drifting swiftly through city corners without feeling thirsty, a lightweight water bottle holder is your ideal company.

suppeal water bottle holder bag for men and women

Light sports: Whether it is city biking, jogging or on the way to gym, you would find a lightweight water bottle holder useful to make sure that you are never short of water.

suppeal water bottle holder bag for men and women

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